Fight Against Illegal Drug Abuse

                As one of the main agenda of the joint council meeting, updates regarding the drug situation of the Province were discussed.

                PDEA revealed that currently, out of 58 barangays in the island, 10 barangays are still considered drug-affected. However, Agent Bautista assured that the PDEA will continue to coordinate and follow-up the remaining municipalities with pending application for Barangay Drug Clearing.

                Together with the launching of Balay Silangan Program, he hopes that the number of the drug users will be diminished since he looks forward for Camiguin to be the first in the region to be declared as Drug Free.  

Stringent Security Measures for the Island

Capt. Symon Rei O. Reyes, Operation Officer of 58TH Infantry Battalion, provided updates regarding the peace situation in Misamis Oriental since its current status could possibly affect the economic and tourism sector in the island. Though this is a possible threat, Capt. Reyes assured that the effect would only be minimal and would not be greatly felt by the inhabitants of the island.Province of Camiguin –

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Officer, IAS Simplicio C. Bautista Jr. presented the updated drug-cleared barangays of Camiguin.

With regards to crime situation in Camiguin, P/Ssupt Robert Roy V. Bahian mentioned that the PNP imposed stringent security measures around the island, especially during the conduct of Holy Mass, to prevent replication of incidents which happened in Sulu and Catarman last January. As part of this initiative, policemen are mobilized and backpacks and wearing of caps during mass are prohibited.

As part of the initiative of the administration to secure the general public against road accidents, LTO OIC District Head, Jesus B. Longasa discussed the strict implementation of R.A 1066 or also known as Children’s Safety on Motorcycle Act of 2015 will be strictly imposed around the island. 

              The law prohibits children riding the motorcycle in front of the driver. This law also requires that: (1) the arm of the children should be able to reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle rider, (2) the children should also be wearing a standard protective helmet or gear, and (3) the child can comfortably reach on the standard foot peg.

 OIC Longasa also stressed that the LTO staff will be designated to the different municipalities around the island to ensure that it is not only the capital town which will be strictly regulated but the island as a whole.