The Barangay Newly Elected Officials (BNEO) towards Grassroots Renewable and Empowerment for Accountable and Transparent (GREAT) Barangays for the Province of Bukidnon officially kicked off last August 1, 2018.


     Province of Bukidnon is now on the first sub-component of the second component where its implementation is through the conduct of a BNEO three-day training. The said training deals with the laying of foundation for GREAT Barangays which focuses on the critical actions to be done by the Barangay Officials for their first 100 days in office.

     Since its commencement last August 1, 2018, 17 Local Government Units have already started to conduct their respective BNEO Trainings. Out of 464 Barangays in the Province, 256 or 55% have already undergone the said training as of August 31, 2018. BNEO Trainings for all 464 barangays of Bukidnon are expected to be done not later than September 2018.


     BNEO-GREAT is a comprehensive, term-based capacity development program that focuses on Barangay Officials who were elected during the recent elections. The program aims to cover not only the newly minted officials but also those that have been re-elected in their positions either for the second or third term. Five (5) Components comprises the whole program namely: (1) Ensuring Smooth Transition; (2) Jumpstarting Local Governance; (3) Sharpening the Saw; (4) Looking Forward to Better Governance through Citizenship Building; and (5) Enhancing Barangay Performance.