For the Local Government Units (LGUs) to transform local development plans into realities of poverty alleviation and ASEAN, if not, global competitiveness, development program and projects need to be designed and implemented well. And, to determine the present level of capacity in the aspects of planning and implementation of local development projects, a provincial  workshop with the Municipal Local Government Operations Officers (MLGOOs) was made on June 28, 2018 at DILG Camiguin Provincial Office, Mambajao, Camiguin.

      The said activity, led by DILG Camiguin, was tagged as Provincial Roll-Out Orientation on the Assessment Tool for Focused Interventions in Enhancing LGUs’ Capacity on Planning and Implementation of Local Development Projects.

      On the efficiency of implementing the said activity to the LGUs, DILG Camiguin Provincial Director Rhona G. Pedraza-Abadilla suggested that holding a one time activity together with all municipalities would be more reliable. She added that LGUs can share each other’s facilitating factors.

      LGMED Regional Staff Ellaine Josephine Basco and Provincial Assessment Team Staff Chrisus Paolo Gabor presented the LGU Competency Assessment Tool. They emphasized that the activity will help DILG capacitate the LGUs on project management through identification of facilitating and hindering factors.

      Meanwhile, MLGOOs are further encouraged to help their LGUs to be transparent and understand that the activity is for capacity development.