In the goal to achieve quality standards in program implementation, the Project Development and Management Unit (PDMU) took efforts to ensure every project implemented by DILG Region 10 would follow the set quality standards. Completed DILG projects in Region 10 will now require a Subproject Completion Report (SPCR) from the implementing local government units.

     With these efforts, DILG 10 was recognized as the only Regional Office that conducted a series of SPCR workshops for LGUs to present completion reports of accomplished DILG projects. Engineers representing the PDMU received the recognition from the Office of Project Development Services (OPDS) during the National Consultation and Program Review held May 10.


More on SPCRs

An SPCR is a structured reporting format that details the milestones of a project; a transparent account of transactions that were made during implementation including these essential contents:

  • Project profile
  • Project reports and description (includes objectives of the project, output indicators, findings, and expected results)
  • Budget
  • Physical and financial milestones
  • Appendices or attachments

     The SPCRs serve as a formal closure of a project. It can be used as reference for the performance of an agency for future projects as it also describes issues and decisions made by the implementers. These completion reports become part of public records. Hence, can be accessed by any interested party from the LGU.

     The DILG highly encourages this practice to be observed among local governments to promote transparency, gain confidence and trust from the public and other funding agencies.