Aiming to address the increasing demand of medical oxygen among health facilities due to surge of COVID-19 cases in Region 10, the concerned member agencies of the Regional Oxygen Task Unit (ROTU) convened for its very first meeting yesterday, January 26.

     Among the roles and responsibilities of the task unit is to ensure the adequate supply and rational distribution of oxygen, especially in times of COVID-19 surge. Also, it aims to monitor the oxygen consumption of health facilities, vis-à-vis supply, to partner and closely coordinate with oxygen producers and hospitals—hence, ensuring immediate response to shortages in oxygen supply.

     Further, local policies shall also be implemented to address and prevent problems identified in the oxygen supply chain.

   Discussions during the meeting includes the presentation of the approved RIATF-MEID Resolution No. 11 (s.2022) entitled “A Resolution Creating the Northern Mindanao Regional Oxygen and Other COVID-19 Related Emergency Essential and Medical Devices Task Unit”. Also, practices done by the respective member agencies and medical oxygen suppliers addressing the concerns on oxygen supply and consumption within the region were also tackled.

     On the other hand, manifestation on the inclusion of “Other Medical Supplies” in the resolution will be further raised to the RIATF-MEID for proper guidance as to the approval of the resolution.

     The creation of this task unit is pursuant to the NTF against COVID-19 Memorandum Circular No. 7 (s.2022), having the following agencies as its members: DOH, DTI, OCD, FDA, and the DILG. Additional members of the task unit are the Medical Oxygen Suppliers in Region 10.

     The ROTU will serve as platform for collaboration and coordination between and among the Regional Task Force (RTF), concerned NGAs, and Private and Public Hospitals.(R10/RO/LGMED/Ryan Cloyd Villanueva // Revised Copy/ORD/LGOO Rezza Mae B. Tolinero)