In order to improve contact tracing initiatives in Cagayan de Oro City, a meeting was held by the Committee on Health and Health Insurance in view with the implementation of the Higala online application.

     The said meeting was attended by DILG Cagayan de Oro (DILG CdeO) City Cluster Head Dib’n Nanol last April 14, Thursday.

     Prior coordination was made between DILG CdeO and the City’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Office in order to discuss how the Higala App will be harmonized with Staysafe.Ph. During the said discussion, it was raised that the presence of clear policy guidelines is needed in the full implementation of StaySafe.Ph in order to establish measures on data sharing and access.

     Higala App is currently used as the principal contact tracing system, mandated to all residents and non-residents upon entering establishments, offices, and other entities; providing penalties for violation thereof.

     At present, DILG is advocating for LGUs and the general public to use the StaySafe.Ph for a seamless, unified, and consistent contact tracing reporting.

     As such, a city technical working group will review concerns on the implementation of the Higala App, and further study its integration to StaySafe.Ph.(DILG Cagayan de Oro/Charlotte Dominique C. Cubero)